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About Rise Cannabis

Rise Cannabis is a family owned and operated group of Cannabis retail stores specializing in local products from BC and around Canada. We pride ourselves on having a large product selection, highly trained team members and convenient locations.

About Company

Rise Cannabis Is Owned And Operated By The 4 Mile Group.


Mother Earth put it here for many reasons. We’d like to introduce you to five of them.


THC dominant Sativa varietals with plenty of THC and less CBD for a hit of energy that'll make you wanna move.


THC leaning Sativa leaning varietals with more THC than CBD for an energized lift to creative or social affairs.


Equal parts THC to CBD Hybrid varietals with an even'ish ratio of THC and CBD for seeking balance and harmony.


CBD Dominant Mostly or all CBD with little to no THC to help reach a subtly relaxing or restorative place.


THC Dominant Indica varietals with plenty of THC and less CBD to gear down for some serious rest and relaxation.

We are please to soon have 5 stores to serve the community:

Rise Cannabis Admirals Walk

Unit 103 – 1505 Admirals Road
V9A 1P8, Victoria B.C.
Open 9-11 Everyday


Rise Cannabis Colwood Corners

Unit 2 – 1905 Sooke Rd
V9B 1V8, Victoria B.C.
Open 9-11 Everyday


Rise Cannabis Goldstream Avenue

Unit 3 – 310 Goldstream Ave
V9B 2W3, Victoria B.C.
Open 9-11 Everyday


Rise Cannabis Tillicum Mall

Unit 88 – 3170 Tillicum Rd
V9A 7C5 , Victoria B.C.

Coming Winter 2023

Rise Cannabis Quadra

3198 Quadra Street
Victoria B.C. V8X 1G1

Coming Summer 2023

Coming soon !

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